About Me

I have been a resident of North Salt Lake City since 1993. My wife, Carol and I have been married for 37 years.  We have three children and ten grandchildren. 
I have over 30 years of business experience in finance and leadership positions, working for both very small and very large companies, during which time I have developed the skills to evaluate, learn and lead.

Aside from serving as your mayor for the last four years, I have served two terms on the City's Planning Commission and one term on the Parks and Trails Board before being elected.

I have served numerous times as a county and state delegate in the state political process.

I believe that among the many traits a mayor should have, the following are important.  The ability to listen attentively, evaluate options fairly and with an open mind, build consensus to get things done, persist through adversity, and reevaluate a situation when you run into problems or new opportunities present themselves.

My Education
Graduated Brigham Young University in 1982 with a Masters of Business Administration – with emphasis in Finance and Planning.
Graduated from Weber State University in 1980 with a Bachelors of Arts in Accounting.

You can contact me at Len.Arave@gmail.com